Windward House: Tali Beach, Batangas

Batangas is a to-go-place if you want to breathe and stay away from the busy streets of Metro Manila. The province has so many beautiful beaches, from budget-friendly resort to luxury ones.

I also went to Batangas for a quick escape and relaxation from work and city life. Since I’m always on a budget, I usually went there either on a day tour or an overnight camping.

This time, our team decided to have an overnight stay at Tali Beach. But unlike my previous trips, this is different because we stayed in a private beach house; the Windward house (thanks to our sponsors!).

How to get there:

The vacation house is three hours drive away from Manila. It is inside a private subdivision in Tali Beach Nasugbu, Batangas.

We also passed by Kaybiang Tunnel in Maragondon, Cavite and had a quick stop at the viewing deck of Cavite and Batangas cove for picture-taking.

Viewing deck
Viewing deck of Cavite and Batangas Cove

Exploring the entire house

We were greeted by a minimalist but elegant house with infinity pool on its front. The house is made of woods and glasses. Whew! We’ll have the whole property to ourselves for two days!

The staff directed us to our rooms to settle our things. They have two double casitas in the garden and one 8-10 person bedroom at the basement. The room at the basement is actually two rooms separated by a bookshelf and a wide sliding door. For us, we opt to make it just one so we could have more bonding time even during bedtime. Both rooms are air-conditioned, spacious, and most importantly have their own toilet and bath.

One of the Casitas in the garden. Both have their own bathroom

After fixing our things and rested a bit, we went upstairs to bond with the others. The house has a huge lanai facing the pool area. It looks elegant and relaxing with its white couches and coffee table. Its flooring is made of wooden pallets. They also have a sunbed which is also made of woods. By just sitting there, I feel relaxed and had a peace of mind.

The Windward House also has a cooking area and a dining room. You can even bake if you wanted to. The guests could dine inside an air-conditioned room or slide the walls to make it dining al fresco.

The upper portion of the house is off-limits to visitors and exclusively for owner’s use only. But for the sake of souvenir, I just took a photo of the stairs.

Wooden stairs

Enjoying the facilities

We rented the entire house with a staff to help us with stuff like cooking, washing the dishes, and cleaning the house. They are very kind and accommodating. The dishes they served are mouth-watering especially the bulalo. They have a complete set of kitchen wares and equipment. From built-in hobs, oven, fridge, even ice crusher if you wanted to make your own halo-halo or fruits shakes.

Scattered toys

The Windward House is perfect for family vacations. They have lots of toys scattered around for kids to enjoy. They also have a swing and a huge garden where kids can run and play comfortably.

Infinity pool

Our team had an activity on our first day so we just started enjoying the pool on the evening. Its water is warm and is decorated with different colors of light during the night. The pool’s depth measures about 5ft to 5.5ft deep.

The pool is designed for the family as it also has a shallow part designed for the kids.


Before ending our day, we asked the staff if we can have a bonfire on that night. The staff got the woods and prepared the bonfire area where we have our night conversation with roasted marshmallow.

Secret Beach

Windward is not a beach front house but you can still enjoy the beach if you wish to. You can reach the secret beach in two shakes of the lamb’s tail.

The secret beach is not your ideal type of beach but it is good enough for kids to play and for us to watch the sunrise and sunset.

I’m looking forward to the day that I’ll go back to Windward House with my family and relatives. It is such an awesome and perfect place for family bonding. The property can accommodate up to 16 pax. Its rate can be pricey but you can always split the expenses.

Happy travels!



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    1. Hi Jazz, thank you for dropping by. For the rates, you may email them at

    2. Hi Jazz, we booked via email. Please see blog post. Happy travels!

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