Travel Guide: A Day in Pinto Art Museum

Pinto art museum is located in Antipolo Rizal. It is a 1.3 hectares museum and a home for paintings, modern sculptures, and different artworks. The museum is a project of Silangan Foundation for Arts.

Me and my friend were planning to go to Saint Andrew Shrine in Bulacan. But unfortunately, a night before our supposed visit, we learned that the shrine is now close to public viewing. That’s why we just decided to push our previous plan and went to Pinto Art Museum.

How to get there:

From Ortigas:

From Shaw Boulevard, I rode a jeepney going to Antipolo Church (Php 28). It is the cheapest way to go there. Alight at Antipolo Cathedral. Travel time is one to two hours depending on the traffic. From there, ride a tricycle going to Pinto Art Museum (Php 25).

Antipolo Cathedral

You can also ride a van at the front of Starmall-Shaw (Php 50) going to Antipolo.

By private vehicle:

Take Ortigas Extension, passing by Cainta-Junction, then Tikling until you reach Ynares Center, turn right then follow the road which will lead you to Grand Heights.

A day in a modern museum:

The facade of Pinto Art can be deceiving. It looks like a small museum from the outside with its small entrance gate. Unlike other museums, we spend almost five hours inside Pinto Art.

Upon entering the museum, you need to pay an entrance fee. They will also give you a map and a list of rules while inside the museum. Please see below for their rates and schedules. Reservation is not needed.

Backpacks are not allowed to bring inside the gallery. But don’t worry in case you need to bring your backpacks because they have a baggage room where you can leave your bag.

After leaving my bag at the baggage room, we then started our day in a museum.

The museum has a Mediterranean-inspired villa. The place is very clean and cozy. It has an environment that can destress you from a stressful city life.

Pinto Art Museum also has a small chapel just in front of the villa.

While walking around the area, we’ve seen a lot of fountains everywhere. Those are an added features in the garden and cafe.

At the front of the chapel

Near the pool area
At the cafe

The museum has six galleries where you can see different artworks from our local artists. Taking photos are allowed as long as you will be using it for personal use. Videos and photography can be done but with different rates and by reservation.

Everything in the museum is picturesque. A decade looking doors and windows, the gardens, the walls and lights, furnitures, and the artworks. Every corner of the place are interesting and I can’t help but take a photo until my cell phone drained its battery.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture the beauty of the place. Every angle, every corner are picture perfect.

Do the museum has a place to sit and relax?

I bet you will get tired and wanted to have some rest since the museum is huge. Don’t worry because the museum has so many couches and chairs around the area. They even have beds scattered around the area. Whether you wanted to stay indoor, in the garden, beside the pool or in the terrace with an overlooking view.

  • Indoor

  • Garden

  • Pool area

  • Overlooking

Catch the sunset at the roof deck beside the pool area.

You can buy items like weaving products, books, cards, ornaments, and paintings by contemporary Filipino artists. They also offer a temporary tattoo whenever you wanted to have one.

One of the museum’s shop

The museum has two cafeterias. The one is near the admission and the other one is located near galleries 1, 2 and 3. The price can be expensive but worth it.

Below are the things that are not allowed inside the museum

  1. Backpacks are not allowed inside the gallery
  2. No bringing of pets
  3. Bringing of foods and drinks are prohibited
  4. No smoking area
  5. No flash photography and videography
  6. Changing of clothes and props are not allowed
  7. Artworks should not be touch

In addition, please be a responsible traveler. Always practice leave-no-trace and follow the rules. Please refrain from making too much noise and do not pick flowers from the garden.


Happy travels!



  1. Hi. Just an inquiry though, Is there a nearby cafe or restaurant here? Thanks for your response!

    1. Hi Donna, Pinto art has two restaurants/cafe inside.

  2. Correction, its a permanent tattoo not that temporary one, its the traditional way of tattooing.

    1. Oh I thought that’s just a temporary tattoo. Thank you for correcting 🙂

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