Travel Guide: 2D/1N Sagada Itinerary and Expenses

Sagada has been popular to tourists after featuring in the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana”. But let’s admit that the word of mouth from the tourists plays a big part on its popularity.

Anyway, here’s our actual itinerary and expenses to help you plan your Sagada Adventure.

2 Days/1 Night Itinerary

Day 0 (December 21, 2017)

2020H  – Departure from Cubao to Sagada

We booked our tickets 2 weeks prior to our trip. I went to Coda lines terminal in Cubao for booking. You can also book online through their website and just pay an admin fee. On the day of our departure, we met in Mang Inasal in Cubao to have our dinner before boarding the bus.

We just slept along the way to recharge ourselves.

Day 1 (December 22, 2017)

0820H – Arrived at Sagada

We went directly to the tourism office for registration and arrangement of our activities. After securing everything (transportation, guide) we proceeded to Sagada Guesthouse for check-in. The normal check-in time is 1400H, but the owner allowed us to check-in early without any additional charges.

0940H – Went to Sagada Lemon Pie house

We came from Laguna that’s why egg pie and buko pie is just always around me. In Sagada, they also has their famous lemon pie. At first, I thought I wouldn’t like it because lemon is known for its sour flavor. But I wanted to try it myself rather than just imagine how it taste like.

We were welcomed by this cutiepie

And to my surprise, I totally love it. The pie lemon pie doesn’t predominant the sour taste of the lemon but compliment the other sweet ingredients instead.

1020H – Started the Echo valley and Hanging coffin tour.

  • Episcopal Church
  • Echo Valley
  • Hanging Coffin

1200H – Lunch at Karinderya in public market

1330H – Chasing Bomod-ok Waterfalls

1610H – End of trek from Bomod-ok

1650H – Arrived at Lake Danum for sunset

Dont forget to try the flavorful yogurt at Lake Danum

1800H – Back to accommodation

2000H – Dinner

Day 2 (December 23, 2017)

0320H – Wake up call

0350H – Early check-out. Left our things inside the car.

0400H – Start of trek going to Kamambaneng sunrise peak

0640H – Continue the trek going to Blue Soil

We’ve seen some wild berries and horses while traversing through Marlboro Country.

0805H – Arrived at Blue soil

1015H – Start of Sumaguing Cave adventure

1120H – End of caving; Wash-up

1242H – Sagada Pottery

1330H – Late lunch

1600H – Departure (Sagada-Cubao)

Actual Expenses

Below are my actual expenses. It can be lessen depending on the number of tourist included in your group. Since we were just three, we didn’t able to maximize the fees especially in transportation. For our Echo Valley tour, two girls joined our group that’s why divided the guide fee into five.

Bus (Manila-Sagada;vv) – Php 1440
Sagada Guesthouse – Php 762
Registration Fee – Php 35
Lemon pie – Php 30
Echo Valley & Hanging coffin

-Guide – Php 40 (Php200 for 1-10pax)
-Access Fee – Php 10/pax

Lunch – Free (w/ sponsor)
Bomod-ok waterfalls

Guide – Php 167 (Php 500 for 1-7pax)
Barangay Fee – Php 10
Roundtrip transportation – Php 650 (per vehicle)

Lake Danum – Php 500 (per vehicle)
Yogurt – Php 100 (Php 35 each)
Dinner – Free (w/ sponsor)
Marlboro Hill-Blue Soil traverse trek

Guide – Php 534 (Php 1600 for 3pax)

RT transportation – Php 1350 (per vehicle)

Sumaguing Cave

Guide – Php 167 (Php 500 for 4pax or less)

Transportation – Php 350 (per vehicle)

Sagada Pottery – Php 100
Lunch – Free (w/ sponsor)

Our service the whole trip

List of Sagada Activities and Rates

(as of December 2017)


  • Cave Connection (3-4 hours exploration inside the cave and is physically demanding)

Guide fee: Php 400/ each minimum of 2 pax
Transportation: Php 400 (Optional)

  • Sumaguing Cave / Short Course Caving

Guide fee:

Php 500 (1-4 pax)
Php 600 (5pax)
Php 1000 (6-9pax)
Php 1200 (10pax)
Php 1500 (11-12pax)
Php 125/ person for 13 pax or more

Transportation: Php 350 (Optional)

  • Balangagan Cave

Guide fee:

Php 650 (1-4pax)
Php 800 (5pax)
Php 1300 (6-9pax)
Php 150/person for 10 pax or more

Transportation: Php 650 (Optional)


  • Bomod-ok

Guide Fee: Php 500 (1-7pax)
Barangay Fee: Php 10/pax
Transportation: Php 650 (via Aguid)

  • Pongas

Guide Fee: Php 600 (1-10pax)
Transportation Fee: Php 650 (per vehicle)

  • Bokong

Guide Fee: Php 200 (1-10pax)
Transportation Fee: Php 250 (per vehicle)

Echo Valley Walking Tours

  1. Eco-Tour – Php 600 (1-10pax)
  2. Adventure trail – Php 1000 (1-10pax)
  3. Echo Valley Hanging Coffins

Guide Fee: Php 200 (1-10pax)
Access Fee: Php 10/pax

Kiltepan Sunrise

Transportation – Php 500

Lake Danum Sunset

Transportation – Php 550

Mountain Trekking

  • Mt. Ampacao Traverse

Guide Fee: Php 1200 (1-10pax)

  • Grassy Land / Marlboro Sunrise Viewpoint

Guide Fee: Php 600 (1-10pax)
Transportation – Php 650

  • Langsayan Danum Traverse

Guide Fee: Php 1000 (1-3pax)

  • Mt. Polis

Guide Fee: Php 1800 (1-3pax)

  • Marlboro Hills-Blue Soil Traverse Trek

Guide Fee: Php 1600 (1-3pax)
Transportation: Php 1350

1 Day Shuttle (Sagada only) – Php 2200

1 Day Tour Guide – Php 1800


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Reminders from Sagada Tourism Office:

  • Municipal Ordinance# 07-2007 requires all visitors to avail the service of a Sagada Local Guide for safe, informative, and fun-filled journey.
  • Most of the sites can be reached with a great deal of walking and hiking, the trek might be a bit too much for someone with less physical activity.
  • Wear a comfortable clothes (loose shirt/pants, shorts)
  • No entrance to cave after 5pm
  • Expect waist deep water in some parts of Sumaguing Cave

Sagada Municipal Tourist Information Center

Operating hours: 0700H – 1800H
Mobile Number: +639171486327
Email Address:


Happy Travels!


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