Philippines’ Enchanting Cemeteries

Cemeteries are usually off on our bucket list. Some of us went to cemetery just to visit our loved ones who passed away or to send them to their resting place. Truth be told, it can be scary to visit the place alone or with just a few people.

But contrary to the creepy thoughts, some cemeteries are fascinating and worth braving. Here are some of those:

1. Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery (Laguna)

It is a baroque-style cemetery which was built on 1845 by Franciscan priest. It was a public resting place of the people of Nagcarlan and the underground chamber is exclusively for Spanish friars and prominent people in the town.

It was declared as a National historical Landmark on August 1, 1973.

2. Paco Church (Metro Manila)

It was a municipal cemetery for the rich and well-known Spanish families who resided in the Old Manila or the city within the walls.

Today, it is a popular wedding and prenup venue for couples who wants a garden-themed wedding.

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3. Hanging coffins (Mountain Province)

It can be found in Sagada Mountain Province. It is a traditional way of burying people. They said that the person who passed away should still be close to nature. The tomb is hanging on the cliff and one should be married and have grandchildren to be buried here.

4. San Joaquin Cemetery (Iloilo)

The cemetery was established by an Augustinian priest in 1892. It was declared a National Cultural Treasure in December 2015 by the National Museum of the Philippines. A marker was installed in August 2016 to indicate this designation.

5. Sunken Cemetery (Camiguin)

It used to be a graveyard above the sea. But due to the eruption of Mt. Vulcan, it was destroyed and sinking the town’s cemetery below sea level.

A cross was build in solidified lava to mark the former Capitol’s cemetery

Cemeteries are associated with deaths, end of life, final resting place, and seem to be the saddest places on earth. But death alone should not be the reason why we are visiting cemeteries. Lighting the candles and bringing beautiful flowers are just some of our ways to remember the life of the people and beautiful memories they left behind.

How about you? Where is your unusual travel destination?


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