Fantasy World: Exploring the Philippines’ Abandoned Theme Park

Did you know that the Philippines has a supposed theme park quite similar to Disneyland? Nestled on top of the hill in Lemery Batangas, you’ll find an abandoned theme park. Have you pictured a place with colorful towering castles, a thrilling rides, a hanging bridge connecting two huge trees, and a relaxing ambiance? It could have been this place.

How to get there:

It is advisable to bring your own car as public transportation is scarce in the area. From Manila, it will take two to four hours drive passing thru Talisay, Batangas. Prepare yourself for a long roller coaster ride.

The Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway is the easiest route but still unpassable for four wheels as of writing. Most cyclists are taking this route.

We planned our trip for just a few days after we saw the video from the youtube channel of our fellow traveler.  We feel lamented knowing that we could have our own Disneyland-like theme park.

Unfortunately, a typhoon came on the exact date of our trip. But even a typhoon wasn’t able to hinder us to visit the place.

Exploring Fantasy World

We paid Php 1000.00 for the entrance fee. The rate is good for up to ten persons. If you are a lone traveler, you still need to pay the full price.

Professional camera can be brought inside the park for a fee of Php5000. If you’re not willing to shell out that much, then you can just bring your mobile phone (with a camera of course).

The place is developed by ECE Realty & Development Inc but lay half finished after some unconfirmed reasons. The project was established primarily as a membership club.

Food stall inside this castle

Visitors are not allowed to bring in foods and drinks. Guest may purchase snacks from the park’s food stall. You can also climb the tower to marvel the theme park in birds-eye.

Park’s Chapel

We walked through in one of the castles, opposite the food stall. There is also a comfort room in this area.

This spot is quite similar to Disneyland. From castle structure to plants. Well, I don’t know if it is just for me since I haven’t been to Disneyland yet. I just made a comparison based on the pictures I saw.

Below are some of the photos inside the park. Apologies for bombarding this post with so many photos. I just can’t help it, should I say.

She became sentimental

Jumpshot with my crazy buddies!

A theme park wouldn’t be complete without the rides. These are not working but you can still pose and get some photos.

Roller Coaster

Aside from the rides where kids would have enjoyed, there are also tree houses which you can climb and brave the hanging bridge in between.

Fantasy World is also the location where Majika’s (Teleseries) main set was shoot.

Happy travels!


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