Boracay Toilet: Quirky, Cool and Fun Place for a Meal

Maybe, you have heard about the Toilet Restaurant in Taipei. It is popular for its outlandish theme; Toilet! Yes, just think eating your meals inside the toilet. Don’t you think it’s a bit odd?

But if you are a curious and wanted to try a cool -themed restaurant, you can now experience that without going out of the country.

Boracay Toilet

Boracay Toilet is the Philippines’ version of the toilet restaurant in Taiwan. According to the staff, the restaurant opened its door in 2015. Out of curiosity, I included the restaurant in our to-go-place during our vacation. It is easy to locate the restaurant because it is located in Station 1, along the main road. You can also see the facade of the restaurant if you are at Willys Rock.

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The facade of the restaurant

The restaurant occupies the two floors of the building. Everything inside is based on the items from the toilet.

The walls along the staircase have handwritten notes from the customers. It is similar to many public toilets all over the world. They also have frames on walls out of toilet bowl cover.

The tables are made from the bathroom sink and bathtub with glass tops. The chairs are made from real ceramic toilet bowl designed with flowers and seashells.

Every part of the restaurant is instagrammable. We took advantage and took a lot of photos while waiting for our orders.

Meet the “Banyo Queen”

A friendly reminder: Always remember to wash your hands before and after eating.

Boracay Toilet Menu

Boracay Toilet have variety of food. From appetizers to desserts. They served Filipino and Western dishes which also have creative names that align with the theme.

Prices are as of November 23, 2017
Prices are as of November 23, 2017
Prices are as of November 23, 2017
Prices are as of November 23, 2017
Prices are as of November 23, 2017

All servings are perfect for sharing. We ordered a set meal (set 3) which are good for four persons but actually can be shared by five to six person depending on your appetite.

Drinks are served in miniature ceramic urinals. It feels like we’re drinking a pee.

Meals are served in miniature toilet bowls and bathtubs. The restaurant’s dining wares are all made of ceramic with different colors.

We’ve already flushed everything
Special Halo-HaLOO for dessert

We have nothing negative to say about the food. Everything was great and the servings are huge.

And in case you need to flush something for real, they also have a real toilet beside the stairs.

Aside from the food and decorations, the staffs are welcoming and very accommodating.

Dining in the toilet may be against the norm, but is definitely worth trying something odd. I will definitely recommend this to my family and friends.

Tips: Show them your MyBoracay VIP card to get 10% discount on your meals.

Happy travels!

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