Experiencing Boracay for the Second Time; Still has the Best Sunset Yet

“You can never visit the same place twice. Each time, it’s a different story” -Maureen Johnson

The first time I set foot on Boracay, I witnessed why the island is one of the best wedding destination in the country. We had limited time back then, and so I promised to myself that I will definitely go back. I want to see and experience more what Boracay can offer.

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the Altar

And finally, after six years of waiting, we have been given a chance to visit one of the world’s best beaches again. Boracay is also called the “24/7 island” because of its fun and exciting nightlife.

Traveling with friends

Booking plane tickets early

I invited my friends to join me during the promo of Airasia last November 2016. I booked our roundtrip ticket to Kalibo from Manila for only Php 870 each. The thing is, we still have to wait for another year. The good thing is, we still have time to save for the trip.

Bye for now Manila!
The long wait is finally over

I was also able to booked a roundtrip ticket for a friend for Php 247. Though that is very rare and less chance if you are booking for a group.

Going to Caticlan Jetty Port from Kalibo Airport

There are many operators inside the airport who are offering transfer services. Since we arrived at Kalibo at around nine in the evening, we decided to avail the van transfer from airport to Caticlan port. We paid Php 200 each and took almost one and a half hours before we reached the port.

You can also go outside the airport and ride a tricycle going to Kalibo town proper (Php 10-Php 20) then ride a van/bus going to Caticlan (Php100).

If you’re looking for a comfortable transfer (Airport to Hotel; vv), you can also check Southwest Travel and Tours. They have booth inside the airport or you may check their website.

Travel tips: You will pass by a swindling road going to Caticlan. If you have motion sickness, always bring over-the-counter medication like Bonamine. 

Caticlan Jetty Port to Cagban Port (Boracay)

Upon arrival at the port, you need to pay the Environmental Fee (Php75) and Terminal fee (Php 100). The ferry rate tends to go up during the night. We paid Php 100 each for the night trip. But if you will arrive early, you will just have pay Php 25 for the boat transfer.

Travel Tips: Don’t forget to get a leaflet at the port. We got the MyBoracay VIP card inside the leaflet and was able to get discounts on various establishment around the island.

Touch down Boracay! We’re excited on what you can offer this time

Our home for days

We booked our first night at Wendys Apartelle. We thought that we could spend less if we will stay in a cheaper accommodation on the first night since we will be arriving late. But it turns out to be a no, no.

Travel tips: If you wanted to make the best of your time, just booked the same accommodation for your entire trip.

The following day, we still have to wait for the check-in time before we can settle our things inside the room. We could just use that waiting time to explore the island. But since we didn’t want to carry our things around, we just choose to wait.

We booked a separate hotel for our group via Agoda. The first one is the Alta Vista de Boracay, and the other one is Boracay Holiday Resort (will write a separate blog for the hotel review).

Boracay Holiday Resort

How did our trip to Boracay goes?

We stayed in Boracay for 3 nights and 3 days. Given that Boracay is known all over the world, I must say that it is not a cheap destination. But depending on your preference, you can always make your trip a budget-friendly one.

We haggled and compared prices from different people who are offering water activities. The best price we got was Php 1,650 per person for helmet diving, parasailing and banana boat.

Island life is love!

We wanted our trip to be a relaxing one and doesn’t want to squeeze everything in. I have made a list of things we can do, where to go and what to eat but didn’t have a timetable. We made sure that we have time for bumming, roaming around, adrenaline activities, bonding time together and even me time.

Day 1

On our first day, we just stayed and enjoyed the beach while watching the majestic sunset in Boracay. I must say that it is the best sunset yet so far.

Tres Marias

After feeding our eyes with the scenic view, we went to Boracay Toilet to feed our stomach this time.

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We spend a little more time on the beach before we called that a night.

Boracay at night

Day 2

On our second day, we did helmet diving before having our lunch. We we’re scared at first but feel proud when we finally did it.

Helmet Diving

We had our lunch with a view in the balcony of our hotel room at Alta Vista de Boracay.

After having our lunch, we rode the free shuttle service offered by the hotel going to the private part of Puka Beach. The waves are stronger compared to the main beach. It is a private beach of Alta Vista that’s why the place is not crowded. Perfect place for relaxation and beach bumming.

We left Puka Beach and went to Station 3 for the Parasailing activity. It is best during the sunset to give the experience a dramatic natural backdrop.

We had our dinner at the hotel beside the pool area. We also have some drinks to celebrate friendship and spent the night bonding together.

Day 3

We checked out at Alta Vista and went to Boracay Holiday where we left our things while enjoying our remaining few hours on the island. We did banana boat before we have our lunch.

Our vacation may be over but our friendship strengthens as we travel together. May it be delayed flights, sickness motion, good food, overcoming our fears, and having new experiences together. It was a short but such a fun-filled experience with friends.


Van (Kalibo to Caticlan) – Php 200
Terminal Fee (Port) – Php 100
Environmental Fee – Php 75
Ferry – Php 100
Tricycle (Cagban Port to Station 3) – Php 30
Tricycle to Station 2 – Php 10
Activities – Php 1650
Multicab (Terminal 2 to Cagban port) Php 30
Terminal Fee (Port) – Php
Boat – Php 25
Van to airport – Php 175
Terminal Fee (Airport) – Php 200

I didn’t include the airfare, hotel and food expenses because it always depends on your own preferences.

Happy travels!


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