An Ultimate Water Adventure in Boracay

Boracay Island has been a favorite destination for tourists and travelers. The island boasts its white-powdery sand and azure water. But aside from enjoying its natural beauty, there are a lot of enjoyable things you can do in Boracay. From fun-filled adventure, food-tripping to partying all night. It is jam-packed with many activities so you will never have time to get bored.

We’ve been to Boracay Island last 2011 but didn’t have the chance to do water activities. Aside from lack of time, we were also very cautious back then. After 6 years, we have finally got the chance and courage to go back and accomplish some of our bucket lists.

While walking on the white beach, we talked to different people regarding the rates for water activities. The best rate we got is Php 1650 for helmet diving, parasailing and banana boat.

Helmet Diving

Helmet diving will allow you to walk on the ocean floor and explore the marine life underneath. No scuba certification, swimming skills, or diving experience required to do this activity. You will be accompanied by one or two qualified PADI diving instructor. The best time to do helmet diving is in the morning when the ocean is calm and less underwater current.

Helmet Diving

We were escorted by Kuya Toto going to Station 3 where we signed a waiver. Those with heart problem, asthma, or pregnant are not allowed for safety reason. We then rode a pump boat going to a huge bamboo raft in the middle of the ocean.

We started to feel nervous as the instructor started the briefing. It is very important to listen and remember his instructions. They will teach you on how to equalize your ears to relieve the pressure. The hand signals are very crucial as it is your only way of communicating underwater.

After the briefing, we started our wondrous underwater activity. We were asked to climb down the ladder on the side of the raft. When the water reaches our shoulder, they put the  diving helmet and the instructor pulled us down.

I started to feel the pressure in my ears which gave me discomfort for a while. When we finally became at ease, the divers started to take our photos and videos. It is such an extraordinary experience so be sure not to miss the activity.

After the given time, the instructors will assist you in climbing the ladder going back to the raft. Our marvelous 15 minutes was digitally documented. The boat took us back to the island and the coordinator delivered the CD containing our videos and pictures to our hotel the next day.


I was having a mixed emotion as we rode the speedboat going to the middle of the ocean, where another heart-pounding activity is waiting for us. It was late afternoon and the waves are stronger than the usual. The ocean was splashing on us as we were approaching another raft away from the island. The moment I knew it, we were already transferred to another speedboat wearing a life jacket. After a few minutes, the boatman strapped us to a harness attached to the parachute. I grasped the rope while they briefed us on the do and don’ts while up in the air.

Do I look frightened?

It was so fast. We were just sitting on the boat and listening to the instructions and then we’re already whisked in the air.

I thought it would be so scary, but I actually enjoyed it. We were able to see one of the world’s beautiful island in birds-eye view. Parasailing is also an awe-inspiring way to watch the majestic sunset.

It became terrifying when I started to feel the friction on the rope. It was when the boatman started to pull us down. I saw the boat started to become bigger and knew that 15-minutes have passed. Parasailing leaves me nothing but a sense of achievement (as you know, I have fear of heights).

Banana Boat

Feel the rush of the waves and bask in Boracay. If you want to experience a wet and wild activity, then this is a must try. The inflatable boat can fit up to 20 persons. It feels like riding a jet ski but a way cheaper.

Happy travels!



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