I’m Gail

Gail is a typical Pinay who dreams to explore and discover different parts of the world.

Like many of us, she thought that traveling is only for those who have lots of money. But not until she started leaving for out of town.

Doing their own itinerary, makes her feel excited. For her, DIY travels are the best. Not just because it is the cheapest, but also because she doesn’t want to feel like a tourist.

She eats in the local restaurant or Karinderya, taking public transport, and always finding time to speak with the locals.

She has fear of heights, but decided to tried the free drop from 120 ft high.

She can’t swim, but loves to go the sea.

Traveling makes her become a better person. From patiently waiting for airline promos, comparing different accommodation rates, finding maps and location to estimate their travel time, advance research for where to go and what to eat, and learning to circulate with different people.


“Traveling: it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller”