14 Ways Traveling Has Changed Me

Lately, my addiction on traveling worsens and I become so desperate to see the world. During my school days, my grandmother always scolded me for staying outside most of the time. I can say that even at young age, I always had an itchy feet which become my obsession as years goes by. From our neighborhood, I jumped across the nearby towns and then different provinces.

But what can I get from traveling aside from photos which I uploaded on social media? I started reflecting after I attended a seminar about financial wellness. Is traveling really a waste of money and never becomes an investment? I can honestly say, it isn’t. It made me a better version of myself. Through traveling,..

  1. I learned to be patient.

I used to be a peevish person. Well I think I am still but I now learned how to control my temper. I patiently waited for the airline promo and doing it all over again every time the system crash due to high traffic. Addition to that are delays, travel mishap, and sudden change of weather.

Kapatagan Digos, Davao del Sur
Kapatagan Digos, Davao del Sur
  1. I became a wise spender.

You don’t need money to travel. Well, that is definitely not true. We need money for transportation, accommodation, and food. Not to mention the activities and souvenirs that you need to take home for your family, friends, and co-workers. I didn’t come from a rich family where my parents will cover my trip nor have a six-digit income. So, in able to sustain my desire to travel, I cut all the unnecessary expenses. I used to have a discount for an American Brand Coffee but I rarely used that as a privilege. If I am able, I also choose to walk instead of riding a jeepney or a tricycle.

Mt. Hibok-hibok and Mt. Vulcan as the backdrop
  1. I learned to appreciate the small things.

Returning from a trip makes me feel livelier. It made me appreciate the things that I always took for granted. I find my messy bed after spending a night or two on camping very comfortable. The flower along the road seems very beautiful and picturesque. Actually, there’s a lot more but that will make this post very long so I won’t mention that anymore.

  1. I became more confident.

After traveling, I feel smarter because of the new experiences and new things I learned. I made it to my destination, even though it’s unfamiliar to me. And for me, that is a big accomplishment that can help increase my self-confidence.

  1. I am gradually conquering my fears.

I have acrophobia or fear of heights. The first time I rode a plane, I felt nervous and held the armrest to the best of my strength. But after a few minutes, I started to enjoy the ride and appreciate the view. I also have done some things that I couldn’t believe I could. From riding an 840-meters zip line with a drop of 100 meters, free fall from a 120ft drop zone, and to cliff jumping from a 20ft high. I know I’m still far from conquering my fears, but gradually, I know I can do it.

  1. I became less judgmental and more compassionate.

I participate in an outreach program at least once a year. Through that, I am able to see people from different communities. Before, whenever I saw Mangyans on street, I think they are lazy and just living their life depending on other people. My views about them have changed the moment I step foot on the place they live.  I became more compassionate whenever I heard their stories. How can I hate the people who value their families more than anything? A father who stayed whole day planting food for his family and community. Students who travel several kilometers by feet just to get to school and learn despite their poverty.

  1. I cared about how I treat my body.

When me and my boyfriend went to Linon Hill in Albay, I easily felt exhausted. I thought that climbing the hill was just a piece of cake, but I was wrong. I stopped more often to catch my breath and to rest. That’s when I realized that I need to exercise and treat my body well to do more activities.

  1. I knew more about myself.

What I like before is not actually what I’m dreaming of. Ever since I started working, I’ve dreamt of having a stable job, be promoted, and reached the top of the ladder. But through traveling, I realized those things are not what I really wanted. What I want is to handle my time and become more efficient. That’s when I started thinking about ideas on how to reach that dream.

  1. It made me appreciate family, relatives, and friends even more.

Those times that I am away from my loved ones is the time I realized their importance to me. Whenever I see beautiful and breath-taking sceneries, how I wish I am with them. Being away doesn’t mean I don’t think of them. The truth is, it makes me miss them more.

  1. I learned to appreciate and accept differences.

Not everyone has the same beliefs as I am. What I believe might be different from their perspective. The clothes they wear might be different from mine. We just need to accept and embrace the differences.

Famous hanging bridge in Dinagat
  1. I am able to bring new connections.

I was born and grew up in Laguna. But through traveling, I was able to meet new people. I am not a friendly type of person and was not the one to approach someone first. But traveling made me a person who reach out and started a conversation. Whenever I hit the road, I meet a lot of good people. There’s no substitute in meeting new people and broaden your horizon.

We are certified rafters now!
  1. I learned new skills.

My grandfather was a photographer but I didn’t become interested in photography. But when I started going to places and writing my blog, I started to have the desire in learning photography. It makes me happy when someone appreciates my works. I know I am not there yet but I’m getting there.

  1. I’ve broadened my perspective.

When I started hitting the road, my perspective became wider and my consciousness grew with it. I started to realize how small place I occupy in this world. What I know is not really what it is. There’s so much more to see, explore, and learn.

  1. I’ve learned to live in a moment.

I tend to overthink, actually a lot. But during travels, I learned how to live in a moment. Instead of thinking negative thoughts, I choose to appreciate the breath-taking sceneries in front of me. What if I didn’t live in a moment and just let myself to overthink? Will I ever experience jumping on a cliff, or will I ever enjoy the white water rafting?

Sometimes I traveled to see things, to meet people, or to have a new experience but I always travel to learn. I once read, “In able to fully understand the world, you have to get out and be in the world”. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Walking in the park is a good start.  Leave your computer screen and go out of your own shell.

Happy travels!

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  1. Hi Gail,

    This is a wonderful blog! You’ve done a great job in showing us the other side of traveling, i. e., far beyond the luxury and pleasure. I find it really inspiring how your character developed for the better because of traveling. I travel also, but not as extensively as you do so I can relate to what you’ve written here.

    It’s nice meeting you! Thanks for following me on Twitter.

    Take care,

    1. Hi Jayson, it feels good reading your comment. You helped me in motivating myself to do more. Hope to meet you on the road. 😊 God bless

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